Cyclops at the Cinema

Cosmic Disco Detective Rene and the Mystery of Immortal Time Travelers

Cosmic Disco Detective Rene is a sequel to The Secret Society for Slow Romance, but it’s not the type of sequel that retreads the beats. Instead, NYC-based independent filmmaker Sujewa Ekanayake treats us to the same characters in an entirely different genre: a sci-fi comedy romp. Just as I loved The Secret Society for Slow Romance, I instantly fell in love with this quirky, funny slice-of-an-interesting life film.

While it’s a sci-fi comedy, at the heart of Cosmic Disco Detective Rene is a mystery: Are there immortal time travelers? Are they a threat? Do they meant to disrupt the past? What should be done?

You might look at the above and think, “but what does that have to do with disco?” I’m so very glad you asked — Rene (Sujewa Ekanayake), the independent filmmaker that also happens to be North America’s happiest person, is also a detective — and a busy one at that. Rene solves his cases by listening to the background noise of the universe, which just so happens to be disco music. The government has a problem — and they need an innovative detective like Rene to help them determine how to proceed. Independent Filmmaker / Government Agent…