Exploring the Indie Discovery LA Film Series

A Celebration of Real Independent Film and the Arthouse Theatrical Experience


A new film festival, Indie Discovery Los Angeles (IDLA) Film Series, will be starting in July 2023. Inspired by the documentary Only In Theaters, Sujewa Ekanayake decided the best way to support fellow filmmakers and theaters was to program an entire film series — and the concept for the Indie Discovery LA Film Series was born.

The Indie Discovery LA Film Series will start in mid-July, and features ‘Cosmic Disco Detective Rene and the Mystery of Immortal Time Travelers’ directed by Ekanayake, ‘ Three Worlds’ directed by Amir Motlagh, and ‘ Bristol Fashion’ directed by Pierre Guillet. The exciting film series will show each movie at Laemmle Theater in Glendale for at least a week. Additionally, Cosmic Disco Detective Rene will be available through limited VOD release through the screening series using Vimeo starting in August, and will have weekly virtual screenings with question and answer sessions through the series and Eventive starting most likely in August.


Sujewa Ekanayake is a prolific filmmaker and tireless advocate for the independent filmmaking community. His blog, DIY Filmmaker is full of insights, interviews, images, and information about the independent films and how to make and distribute them.

After he saw Raphael Sbarge’s exceptional documentary, Only In Theaters, it inspired him to take his advocacy and seemingly indefatigable efforts to uplift the film making community to the next level.

Poster for Only In Theaters. Image used with Permission.

Only In Theaters is an utterly engaging and emotional look at the Laemmle chain of theaters. The Laemmle name has been in Hollywood since Hollywood began, and the Laemmle chain of arthouse theaters in California continues to be an iconic platform for independent voices. Sbarge originally began the documentary intending to capture moments with Greg and Tish Laemmle and their family as they struggled to come to grips with the changing times for theater. The original threat? Streaming. But by the time the documentary was finished it also included the impact of COVID, lockdowns, and economic downturns.



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