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Is Tee-Fury Introducing Subscription-based T-shirts?


My husband is very fond of a good t-shirt game. I also have a couple of t-shirts I consider to be ‘good ones,’ even though I rarely wear t-shirts (or jeans, honestly). I do still have a favorite t-shirt and it’s this one.

Women yelling at cat meme, art by redditor griffinisland, t-shirt by Tee Fury. Read about Griffinisland’s process in creating this gem here. Image Source: Author.

I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for that meme, but the ukiyo-e interpretation of it made me laugh like crazy, and I wanted it on a t-shirt. When Tee Fury offered it, I grabbed one because … I just had to. You’ll notice, however, that it’s a bit worn. It’s not as eye-catching as the original artwork is. Parts of it are falling away. The design itself is four years old, so I can’t have had the shirt that long!

It’s also not because I’ve worn this shirt a lot, either. As I mentioned above, t-shirts and jeans aren’t my jam — I’m more likely to be in skirts and shirts I’ve sewed and embroidered myself than I am to don a t-shirt. I wouldn’t even bother with writing this whole experience up if it wasn’t for what happened to one of my husband’s shirts from Tee Fury. He ordered one for the Shady Pines Retirement Home (Golden Girls represent) a little less than three years ago. Let’s check in on that design, ok?

You’ll notice there is no design on this Tee Fury shirt. Image Source: Author.

You’ll notice flecks of white that might hint at where the design might be.

I started thinking about these shirts while watching one of my favorite YouTube news channels, Some More News, as they covered a topic I love “They Literally Don’t Make Things the Way They Used To.”

In it host Cody Johnston / News Dude covers how planned obsolescence impacts the consumer goods market, and brushes a bit into fast-fashion (the episode is a touch more focused on tech giant Apple). It got me thinking — perhaps that’s Tee Fury’s long game. Not only are they ‘fast fashion’ in the sense that they seem to be focused on made-to-order, fast out the door…



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