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Roses, by Madi Bates

A Beautiful Contemplation of this Human Experience.

Jamie Toth, The Somewhat Cyclops


Madi Bates just released a song called Roses, and it’s really lovely. I first got to hear it this morning, and it’s a beautiful way to start the day. Before I gush on, just have a listen.

This song ticks a lot of happy boxes for me. It features a beautiful, clear voice, has poignant lyrics, and great textures to the song’s structure. It’s a beautiful melody, and Madi’s golden, soothing voice wraps the lyrics in a wise warmth. The composition is thoughtful in the way that it carries the lyrical story forward. The song itself is mesmerizing in its vulnerable honesty.

What is it about? Nothing less than the essence of our human experiences. It’s about what we are born into, what we bear, and what we can be along the way.

Madi is planning to release another single next month and I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to what the entire album has in store! You can follow Madi on Spotify here, on Amazon here, and on Apple Music here. ‘Roses’, in addition to being available on YouTube is also found at Apple, Spotify, and Amazon.

I first encountered Madi’s talents in Queen of Hearts: A Twin Peaks Fan Film. In that, she not only plays Annie Blackburn (which is an enormous role — not to mention challenging and she NAILS it!!), she also produced the work, and created the overture, and some of the costumes.

Madi Bates is an amazing, creative person all around — and an incredible musician. I’m certainly looking forward to next month’s single!

Roses, By Madi Bates. Image Source: Madi Bates